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Universal Staffing Services, Incorporated (UNISTAFF) is a licensed international permanent staffing firm dedicated to addressing the acute shortage of qualified professionals in the Gulf Region, Africa, South Asia, South-East Asia, United States, and Europe. Through a unique, market-focused and specially designed execution of recruitment and selection approach, the company is able to access untapped resources from across the globe that are tailored to meet the business objectives and relevant demands of international marketplaces and long term staffing needs of major corporations.

UNISTAFF leverages its global business network and visionary business methodology in delivering intelligent solutions in the areas of human resources, placement and consulting, while maintaining good business relationships with its clients as a top priority for mutual growth and sustainable development.

UNISTAFF, founded in 1998 has its headquarters in the Philippines and counterpart offices in USA, UK and Indonesia which all contribute to the distinctive global presence and multiple sources run by its experienced team of staffing specialists.

This base also allows UNISTAFF a continuous pool of experienced professionals who have gone through rigid skills evaluation processes.Establishing presence in these strategic locations gives UNISTAFF an edge, servicing both its clients’ and recruits’ needs effectively.

UNISTAFF has a state of the art platform and online applicant tracking system allowing both clients and applicants 24-7 access to valuable information.

Through the years, UNISTAFF has placed over 20,000 professionals in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific regions in terms of Academic, Engineering, Hospitality, IT and Healthcare settings.

UNISTAFF is recognized for specializing in the healthcare industry, as it has established its presence in the local and international markets by consistently providing top-class, well-educated and well-experienced nurses and allied health professionals.

UNISTAFF is also keen to technological innovation and to new practices to optimally market its services to its clients and its over hundreds of thousands of actively following applicants on various social media platforms, capturing and anticipating the new wave of global workforce while maintaining the interest and loyalty of its present applicants.

UNISTAFF takes pride in being one of the leaders in the recruitment and placement arena, maintaining a distinct reputation for seeking innovative solutions to meet the demands of its international clients.

The company’s internal operations are equipped to handle and adapt to specific government procedural requirements, and more importantly, its clients’ explicit requirements to the fullest extent possible.

UNISTAFF’s senior management has over 30 years of professional experience in recruitment and placement. This amount of experience, along with its highly qualified staff members, proprietary tools, proven processes and global business network provide its clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions, unparalleled in the industry.

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